Overall feel


The Bruin ELS casting reel is lightweight with a low profile; two things I really like in a reel. I grew up fishing with those old round reels. For those who don’t remember them, they were great at the time. But the first time I put a low-profile reel in my hand, it was just a natural fit as opposed to having to make those big round reels work over the years.

Understandably, most reels are low profile these days so this isn’t something that really sets this reel apart so much as it is something I think Bruin did a very good job with. This reel is as comfortable in my hand as any I have ever owned.

I also really like the handle. I’m not a big fan of round knob handles. I like paddles or handles like this reel has with the kind of flattened out areas for your finger and thumb to grip.