Overall design


The full-sized Ocho from Strike King is an extremely popular bait. And I believe the Ned Ocho will be just as popular in time. For such a do-nothing technique, a good bit of design work went into setting the Ned Ocho apart from some of its competition. As the technique gets more and more popular, the fish will inevitably be conditioned to a Ned rig little by little. So having something just a little different can make a big difference.

One of the first differences I noticed was that the Ned Ocho has more of an oval cross section than a round one, meaning the bait is a little taller than it is wide. Most other Ned baits are more rounded, but this iinteresting characteristic gives the bait a slightly different profile. Another unique trait of the bait is the set of ribs or channels running down each side. These were designed to trap air bubbles, which is cool. But I found something else they really make this bait work well for.