Outstanding nose-down action


Not that swimming nose-down is something unique to this lipless bait but it is an integral characteristic all lipless cranks should have. It’s worth mentioning that this bait comes through the water column well, with its nose down, which helps tuck the hooks up and out of the way to make the bait as weedless as possible while it’s making its way through vegetation and other cover.

This doesn’t make the Z63 truly weedless but it does aide in the effort to keep weeds off the bait. When you do get a little something on the lure, you can just give your rod tip a quick twitch and free it up instead of the bait just staying bogged down in vegetation all the time. To reiterate, this trait is something super important in the design of an elite lipless crankbait. This nose-down characteristic won’t make it totally snagless around cover; that’s pretty much impossible with any lipless crankbait. But I do believe you’ll get snagged less on this particular lure than many others in the same category.