Outstanding action


If you rig the Z-Man RaZor ShadZ on a hook by itself, it doesn’t have much action, to be totally honest. But when you rig it on the back of your favorite Chatterbait, it comes alive and puts off an excellent action that closely mimics a fleeing baitfish. Its segmented construction allows for a wild and erratic hunting action and it has worked wonders for me on many different fisheries. I’ve had a lot of success skipping it underneath docks, burning it across flats and especially ripping it through vegetation. 

I tend to reach for a bladed swim jig whenever I’m fishing clear water. I love to fish quickly, but I never have much success fishing crankbaits in clear water, so this has essentially turned into my clear-water crankbait of sorts. When you’re targeting bass in clear water, however, I’ve learned that a bulky trailer tends to overpower the fish and instead of getting bites, you’ll have a lot of followers and short strikes.

The RaZor ShadZ performs excellently in clear water. Just this past week, I used it to catch a nice 4-pound largemouth fishing in an area where I could see the bottom in almost 6 feet. This may not sound clear to our northern readers, but down here in Georgia, that type of clarity can be a little intimidating. While other anglers might fish with finesse gear in that situation, this realistic trailer has allowed me to power fish with 17-pound fluorocarbon and get plenty of good bites.