Other ways to rig it

zoom fluke for bass fishing

Though the Scrounger has always been my go-to way to rig a Zoom Fluke, I played with it a bit for this review to see if I could come up with some other good uses for it. I believe rigging it weightless and weedless like I mentioned doing with the Salty Super Fluke earlier could work well in very particular situations. I wouldn’t want to cover a lot of water with it rigged this way like I would a Salty Super Fluke but if you’re around a concentration of particularly finicky fish, this might be a technique that can draw you a strike.

This is also a good bait to nose hook on a drop shot or one you could even rig on a Damiki rig. Using these two techniques, the Zoom Fluke gives you a bait that you can use to target fish vertically in deeper water. Or you can rig this bait as a trailer on a spinnerbait, vibrating jig or buzzbait. The Scrounger is reason enough to try a pack of these though. The Fluke is truly a perfect bait for that presentation. You can fish it similarly to a single swimbait rigged on a jighead but it gives you an entirely different action to target the same fish with.

Though there may be some confusion as to what a Zoom Fluke really is at times, the original is a handy little nugget of soft plastic to have around. Its tall and thin shad-like profile combined with the forked tail all wrapped up in a 4-inch package makes this a great shad imitator. Available in 13 color choices, you’ll have a hard time not finding something that will work for your given set of conditions.

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