Other details and final thoughts

package of bass fishing swimbaits

The SPRO Pocket Tail Minnow comes in eight colors and one 3 3/4-inch size. At $5.99 for a five pack, they’re comparable in price to some of the other baits in this genre and will last just as long or longer per bait.

Impregnated with Amino Bite Scent, the baits have a relatively strong but not overwhelming smell to them and a similar amount of oily feel. They’re slick to the touch but don’t come with enough oil in the packaging to tune up your car like you see with some baits. In fact, there’s very little oily residue in the packaging and the scent and oil seems to stay in and on the baits well.

I really like SPRO’s take on the packaging here as well. They went with a hybrid hard and soft package, instead of just putting the baits in a bag or using a full clamshell approach. Each pack has a small plastic tray inside that holds the baits in a fairly rigid position to help them keep their general shape and insure they’re not bent up over in the corner of the bag somewhere. All in all another great bait from SPRO and the first soft plastic of theirs I’ve ever used. But judging by the SPRO Pocket Tail Minnow, I don’t suppose it’ll be the last I try out.

The SPRO Pocket Tail Minnow is available at the following online retailers: