Option No. 2: Swimbait

bass fisherman fighting bass

Once the crankbait bite dies down, Palaniuk will make the change to a swimbait.

“A lot of times I’ll switch to an X Zone Lures Mega Swammer and throw it on a 3/4-ounce VMC Boxer Jig Head,” Palaniuk said. “It’s a little bit slower but you still have a bait that’s constantly moving and you can cover water with.”

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, the goal for Palaniuk in his bait rotation is to cover water as fast as possible while still being as efficient as possible. The crankbait can be reeled quickly, but once the fish start to shy away from it, the next-best thing is another moving bait that can be fished steadily.

“Sometimes, after you burn that crankbait through and catch a few, the ones that don’t want to bite kind of move out of the way and they break up a little bit,” Palaniuk said. “That swimbait allows them to settle back in but still gives them a moving target to chase.”