Opening up new water


I love throwing a ChatterBait, anywhere and everywhere, including around wood. Unfortunately, a vibrating jig doesn’t really like to come through wood all that well. So I’m constantly doing a cost benefit analysis of every piece of wood cover I come to. Do I think I can wiggle a ChatterBait through it or should I just pick up a squarebill and minimize the risk of messing up this piece of cover?

The Jabber Jaw allows me to do both in a way. It has a similar sound to that of a vibrating jig but comes through wood extremely well. To avoid getting stuck, you can worm this bait through cover just like you would a squarebill, allowing the bait to float up and ride over the trash.

There are also times when fishing over submerged vegetation that you have to fish a vibrating jig too fast in order to keep it up over the grass. Or you try to back off of the weight of the vibrating jig to keep it higher in the water column which ultimately costs you casting distance. Now you have a bait that can be fished extremely slow over the vegetation, while still generating the desired and effective sound of a vibrating jig.