Open and close it


We prefer to use a little Mustad circle hook as our trailer hook that was actually designed for saltwater fishing. One of our buddy’s, Neal Webster, put us onto using this hook as a trailer hook years ago and it does a phenomenal job at locking onto a fish.

But, since it wasn’t designed to be a trailer hook, the eye is just a little too small to get some hooks through. When we run into a bait with a hook that’s too big, we’ll take side cutters and open the eye of this hook up just enough to slip it onto the main hook of the bait. Then using pliers again we’ll close the eye back shut.

The great part about this is that you don’t have to add anything else to keep the trailer hook on the main hook. The eye of the trailer hook is too small to pass back over the point. And this actually allows the utmost freedom of movement for your trailer hook helping to prevent the bass from gaining leverage.