One-piece hinged door and quality latch

hinge of fishing rod holder

I’ve played around with some rod tubes over the years and one of the main things that stood out to me were the flimsy latches. I think we’ve all used some cheap tackle trays in the past that have those really wimpy latches, right? That’s how a lot of other rod tubes tend to have. Knowing my luck, I’d have some of my favorite rods in there and they’d dump out or something during a flight. Crazier things have happened to me, I can assure you of that.

Thankfully, Flambeau made sure to put a really high-quality latch on the 6095 Bazuka Pro and when it closes, you can tell it’s going to stay shut no matter how much vibration, shaking or knocking around happens in transit.

The one-pieced hinged door works quite nicely as well as it provides convenient and quick access. There’s no fumbling around or aggravation trying to get to your rods and the hinges are also nice. There doesn’t seem to be any flex whatsoever, so I don’t think you’ll need to worry about it breaking off or anything crazy.