One of the lighter rods I’ve tested recently

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The Cashion ICON Series Multi-Purpose Casting Rod is made using a uni-directional manufacturing process that certainly cuts weight. I test a lot of different fishing rods for my job and this is certainly one of the lightest I’ve fished with lately. Some companies tend to focus a bit too much on weightlessness in my opinion because while the rods are super light, they also have a tendency to snap when you’re boat-flipping a 2-pound bass. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars only to break a rod flipping a dink into my boat.

This manufacturing process, however, seems to add a lot of strength to the Cashion ICON Series Multi-Purpose Casting Rod blank because carbon fibers run the entire length of the rod. I’ve boat-flipped some nice fish throughout my testing and had some folks accidentally step on a few and I’ve noticed absolutely zero loss in structural integrity. I’ve been really happy and fairly surprised by the blend of weightlessness and durability throughout my testing.