Once-thought trash

bobber stoppers for fishing

In preparing for this article, I tried to think of terminal tackle I’ve trashed in the past that I ran out of later and didn’t have when I needed it. Beads, swivels, split rings, clips and even bobber stoppers came to mind. With most of those little pieces, it’s all about intentionality. With beads and swivels for instance, when I’ve cut off a Carolina rig in the past I’ve had a tendency just to throw those little pieces away with the leader. But in just a few seconds I could have clipped the line off, dried them and stuck them back in my box.

Since I rarely use a Carolina rig, I rarely think about my inventory of these little pieces and I’ve found myself out of stock a couple times over the years, on the rare occasion I actually could have used them. But for bobber stoppers, I thought to myself, “How could I reuse these? Would it even be worthwhile?”

As it pertains to money, probably not. But when you run out of bobber stoppers on the water, it can be quite annoying. So the thought came to me that I might be able to reuse a bobber stopper using a small sewing needle.

The trick here is to find one with an eye large enough for your line, but not so large that it’ll tear the rubber bobber stopper. Then simply run your line through the eye of the needle a few inches, pull the needle through the bobber stopper and then pull the line all the way through with the needle. Lubricating the needle first will make this a smoother process as well. Another trick is when your spinnerbait is no longer useful, you can still salvage split rings, beads, clevises and swivels from them by clipping the blade arm of the spinnerbait and sliding these pieces off.