Old Town Salty PDL 120

old town salty sportsman pdl 120

A hull design built for speed and stability, this is the perfect grab and go kayak for moving water and handling waves. This grab-n-go kayak is perfect for currents, waves and even handling surf and tidal conditions. Supported by the award-winning PDL Drive, this boat features instant forward and reverse with a 5-year warranty. This highly manoeuvrable 12-foot fishing kayak has tons of storage areas, tie downs for backup paddles, an adjustable seat with lumbar support, tracks for add-ons, and more. Designed to cut through waves and currents, this is the kayak you want if you plan to be fishing inshore in the ocean or up a creek with or without a paddle.

Length: 12 feet | Weight: 104 pounds | Capacity: 346 pounds | $2,199

To Purchase: OldtownCanoe.com