Old sandwich meat container

sandwich meat container filled with bass fishing soft plastics

To be honest, plastic deli meat containers are good enough this day and age to double as Tupperware at my house and I ain’t even ashamed to admit that.

They’re also great for storing stuff in the boat as well, especially when those things have no tendency to rust and don’t need a watertight seal. Soft plastics are a perfect example; there are several different shapes and sizes of these containers that will fit certain soft-plastic baits perfectly and give you a great way of storing your baits without their original packaging, while also ensuring they don’t lose their form or oily residue.

With just a little creativity, you can find all sorts of ways to recycle items around the house that would otherwise be tossed right in the garbage. Hopefully these ideas on using styrofoam, cardboard, plastic jars and other plastics containers have started your mind down that path. If you happen to come up with some other things, let us know and we may just pass them along in a future article here on the site.