NuCanoe Unlimited

This fishing kayak was designed to blow through obstacles and give you control. A solid open deck with unlimited rig-ability. A remarkable hull design that is fast and stable, prepared for any waters. Plug & Play ready for pedals, power, and electronics. It’s one of the most open designs in today’s fishing kayaks. Which gives you a lot of flexibility to load gear, rig electronics, add extra seats, pedal drives or a variety of motors. In fact this boat is setup to have bow mount trolling motor, Torqeedo or outboard motor rear mounted or their proprietary NuCanoe EPS system where you can steer and drive your canoe from your fishing seat without a remote.

Length: 12 foot 6 inches | Weight: 84 pounds | Capacity: 400 pounds | Propulsion: Paddle (pedal/motors optional) | $1,799

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