The first thing people notice about the Doomsday Tackle Company The 47 rods obviously is their distinct antique white color with red accents. While there are certainly “other” white rods on the market, this one has a deeper meaning with a retro throwback look. Stewart’s father had a special fly rod in the garage that the younger Stewart was not allowed to touch as a child. So that classic antique white rod with red accents was sort of a trophy on a pedestal, and a look Stewart came to admire over the years. So it was only natural that his first line of rods would honor with a throwback to that special rod of his father’s. 

The coloring and accents are beautifully matched and compliment the finely sanded cork handles and antique red wraps, and rings along the guides all the way up the rods. 

Their S.M.R. Tech blanks have a 30/40-ton Japanese Toray carbon fiber blank mix. The proprietary combination of the two tonnages in the blanks provides not only a light, sensitive rod but a rod that can take the abuse of fishing in thick cover and lifting bass over a gunwale.