Northland New Bobbers and Sizes


Northland introduced new Casting Bobbers, Round Bobbers, Lite Bite Spring Floats and Lite Bite Weighted Slip Bobbers as well as new sizes of the original Lite Bite Slip Bobber. 

All of the bobbers are made from genuine balsa wood that is super buoyant. The Light Bite Weighted Slip Bobber has a weighted stem that casts better and can be used with smaller jigs. They will come in 6 sizes.

The Lite Bite Spring Float features an Easy Switch Spring Clip design. It comes in 6 sizes as well.

The Casting Bobber casts like a bullet with an Easy Switch dual spring clip design. It comes in 3 sizes.

The Round Bobber features a belly weight and double spring clip design in 3 sizes. All bobbers will be available January 2022.