No worries about its strength


Due to the tiny diameter of this line, I was interested to see how strong it would be. I’ve fished it around riprap, underneath docks, around stumps and in the middle of deep brush piles. Not once have I broken off with Gold Label.

When the fishing gets tough here, I tend to have really good luck with a wacky rig underneath boat docks; it just seems like it gets more bites than other finesse techniques. It has always been a little tricky landing the big bites, though, because I have to navigate them through a labryinth of dock posts, ladders, cross beams and all sorts of other obstructions. The Gold Label, however, has performed wonderfully in these tough situations.

I think confidence in your fishing line is a huge deal and I have the utmost confidence to rig up an 8-pound Seaguar Gold Label leader and skip my wacky rig underneath the nastiest docks on the lake.