No-flex metal foot pedal


The metal foot pedal is back! The original MotorGuide Tour was a huge hit with anglers and a large part of that was due to its metal foot pedal. Thankfully, MotorGuide decided to bring it back and I couldn’t be happier with it.

It’s simple and it’s tough as nails; that’s exactly what I want in a trolling motor pedal. It’s all you need for shallow bass fishing. The button is nice and big so its easy to locate when you’re not looking and the pronounced speed dial makes very small speed changes quick and easy.

On the heel of the pedal, you’ll notice a small, raised ridge. I had to get used to putting my foot just an inch or two higher on the pedal than I normally do because if I didn’t it would catch my flip flop and make me trip. But this adjustment only took me a few trips to get used to.