No. 3: Stick worm with a tail spinner


Dad and I first saw Keith Poche use this bait to finish 3rd in the 2012 Bassmaster Classic on the Red River. Since then it has become a staple in our boat anytime we’re around vegetation. Basically you take a hitchhiker, a swivel and a small colorado or willow leaf blade and combine them to make an apparatus you screw up into the tail of a soft plastic stick bait like a Missile Baits The 48 Worm. What you’re left with is a super subtle presentation with a little bit of flash.

This bait is a lot like other worms you reel like a Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm which is also great in shallow vegetation and deserves noting. Like the Speed Worm, you want a slow and steady retrieve. Sometimes we’ll let the bait get down just out of sight and sometimes we’ll wake it right along the surface. It works great anytime you’re up shallow like this, but it is the absolute perfect choice when bass are guarding fry.

The little flash at the end of the bait is the perfect size to draw the eye of a bass guarding or chasing fry. You just have to be careful when you get a bite and be sure to give the fish a second or two to get the bait all the way. A premature snatch will often result in you getting the worm and the fish getting the rest. Poche has since introduced the Humdinger Power Spinner if you want to try this out without building it yourself. Z-Man also has similar barbed product, the the TRD SpinZ Tail, that you simply push into the bait and don’t have to screw in.