No. 1: Hollow body frog


This is my favorite bait for super-shallow vegetation. A hollow body frog gives you three important things you need: Something you can bomb cast, something that lands with a natural sound and it produces a really good hookup ratio.

Being able to reach the unreachable is, again, the name of the game when fishing this way. So having a virtually weedless bait you can throw a really long way is extremely important for obvious reasons. And baits like my favorite hollow body frog, the SPRO Poppin’ Frog 60, have a very natural “plop” sound when they land just like a real frog or toad would.

The third thing a hollow body frog gives you is perhaps the most important, and that is the high landing percentage. Being able to get a bait to the fish doesn’t do you any good if you can’t get the fish to you. The fish have time to target a frog, suck it all the way down and then the big, bold and powerful hooks usually latch on and don’t let go. That is absolutely necessary when dragging a 5-pounder through what feels like a 1/4 mile of mess.