Nishine Lure Works Erie 115MD and 95SD


Another new jerkbait for many anglers, the Nishine Lure Works Erie in 95SD (shallow diver) and 115MD (medium diver) jerkbaits offer some incredible colors, very good hardware and hooks, unique shapes and unique weighting system on the MD. You will find on the 115 MD that there is a lead weight on the first hook. This can be trimmed to make it suspend or slow rise. With the full weight on it, it slightly sinks (which I like in winter). So It’s been a fun one to play with an easy option to change it as the water warms. 

The Nishine Lure Works Erie 115MD has a real erratic action and casts well. The 95SD is a little harder to cast but I was still able to fish it on baitcasting gear even as a much smaller jerkbait. I played with adding suspend strips and it still fished really well with a slow sink. I’ve caught a bunch of bass this winter on it. It just flat gets bit. But it will be fun when those big bass get up shallow and you want to just run the banks and catch active fish. 

You can find the Erie 95SD on and the 115MD at