6. Nishine Lure Works Baby Abino 70S

Nishine Lure Works Baby Abino 70s

I’m a big fan of what Hiroshi Nishine is doing over at Nishine Lure Works. His baits are works of art and he adds so much functionality to his lures, it’s crazy. He also makes kits to tweak existing crankbaits, topwaters and jerkbaits to give them different actions. He released the Abino this summer and since then has released the Baby Abino. The original Abino was a topwater lure and the new one is a subsurface spy bait. It’s a perfect stickbait for fishing in the winter I think. You fish it ultra slow, it has a lot of flash and natural swim to it but it’s subtle and not too aggressive for the cold clear waters and sluggish fish. The spoon on the body gives the Baby Abino 70S it’s unique swim and it looks really good on a slow retrieve as well as just falling vertically in the water column.

At just 2 3/4 inches it’s a compact bait but it’s unique side-to-side roll and clicking sound on the steady retrieve from its unique belly blade makes it a really quality hardbait for your winter fishing.

I’m still experimenting with uses and ways you can fish this bait but I’ve had a lot of fun figuring out some new bites on this bait. The paint and detail on the Baby Abino are just incredible. You can find the Baby Abino 70S and other Nishine Lure Works hard baits at Tacklewarehouse.com.