Night and lowlight


Wakebaits certainly work throughout the day at times but I found that most of my bites on the Noi-Z 105F came either in lowlight or even in the dark. Again, both the noise and the wake that are generated by this bait make it a perfect presentation in low visibility. Having the substantial visual aid of a wake to help track the bait and the noise for the fish to hone in on as it gets closer make it a great bait to fish at night.

We fish a lot of little night tournaments in the summer, so finding a bait that works well in the dark is pretty special. You’re limited at night to only a handful of the baits that work in the daylight. And even then, some of those baits are too aggressive and loud at night. The Noi-Z 105F offers up a little nugget that hits a sweet spot for night fishing that’s not too loud, but just loud enough.