Nice blend of durability and action


This is kind of a tightrope that, in my opinion, most manufacturers try to walk. A soft plastic has to have good and fluid action in order to entice strikes but unfortunately, durability is often sacrificed to achieve this. I like to try and find a blend of these two characteristics. I skip boat docks a lot in my area and I need a soft plastic that won’t slide down the shank of the hook or tear up after skipping a few docks. 

The Berkley Powerbait The General holds up surprisingly well for a stick worm. I’ve been primarily rigging it on a 3/0 or 4/0 offset EWG hook and it seems to stay intact for a long time. This allows me to fish more efficiently without having to mess around with re-rigging it every few skips. 

When it comes to durability in regards to fish catching, I feel comfortable telling you to expect about three fish per worm. Now of course, that all depends on how the fish bite and other random factors, but three is a fair average.