Ark Gravity Baitcasting Reels


The new Ark lineup of Gravity Baitcasting reels include the G7, G5 and G3 with 11 bearings, 9 bearings and 6 bearings respectively. They all feature a new The Gravity Control System. It consists of the Gravity Control Brake and the floating Spool. There are 20 different settings on the side plate and 3 levels of adjustments on the spool, which gives these reels 60 settings for perfect brake tuning. The most advanced feature for the system is that the two magnetic bars on the side plate are not fixed. They self adjust. When the spool is accelerating in the spin, the two bars will move closer to the disk to apply more brake. When the spool slows down, the two bars will move back to the original position and reduce the brake. They all come with 14-pound drag systems, aluminum frames, carbon sides and an oval line guide.