Seaguar Adds 50-yard Spool Size for Gold Label 100% Fluorocarbon


Gold Label is different because it is 18% thinner and 17% stronger than any other 100% fluorocarbon leader made by Seaguar. This gives anglers the best of both worlds with increased strength and unmatched invisibility and lure performance. It’s made in an exclusive double-structure process which unites two different fluorocarbon resins: a strong, sensitive fluorocarbon core and a soft, supple, fluorocarbon exterior into the best leader material available. Seaguar Gold Label is available on 25 and 50-yard spools in sizes from 2 to 80-pound test. Gold Label 50-yard spools s will be available in January 2023. MSRP for Gold Label 50-yard spools ranges from $32.99 to $107.99 depending on pound test.