Jenko Double Down BFS Crappie Rod


Crappie fishing is evolving rapidly and the next generation of crappie fishing will involve baitcasters and Bait Finesse Systems. The new Jenko Double Down BFS Crappie rod is the first of its kind employing BFS technology in a crappie rod that can also double as an ultra finesse bass rod. We’ve actually been fishing with the prototypes and are already excited about moving to BFS for all of our crappie fishing casting applications. These rods are 6-foot, 6-inches and rated for jigs from 1/80 ounce jigs up to 1/8 ounce with BFS baitcasting reels. I have been getting 70 foot casts with 1/32 ounce jigs with no backlash. These rods will turn crappie fishing upside down, so check out these new BFS Crappie specific rods from Jenko. $129