Neon-colored rods are still a thing and they’re not going anywhere


A lot of my colleagues and friends tease me about being a grumpy old man. I get where they’re coming from and I totally own it; I am, at times, a 80-year-old man stuck in a 30-something-year-old body. I’d sure like to think that I haven’t reached “get off my lawn” status yet but heck, I reckon you’d have to ask other folks about that.

With that being said, I (again) noticed a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon: If you like neon-colored bass fishing rods, you should be in hog heaven these days because a lot of companies are putting a lot of marbles in that particular basket.

These companies are smart… a lot smarter than me. They wouldn’t keep making these loud rods if folks weren’t buying them. While I personally don’t like my front deck to look like I spilled a bag of Skittles on it, obviously a lot of people have a different style than me. While I could be a grumpy old man about it, I’ve chosen to look at it from a different perspective.

To the best of my knowledge, it has to be mainly the younger crowd buying these bright-colored bass fishing rods. That tells me, as mentioned earlier, that new-angler recruitment is at an all-time high. I prefer a front deck full of grey or black uniform-looking rod blanks but man… based on what I saw at ICAST 2021, I just might be the out-of-fashion old man in the minority on that one. Kudos to the companies who aren’t afraid to make a bold-looking rod. It takes some fortitude to do that and clearly they’re being rewarded for it.