Neko rig


This a new way of rigging a Fluke for me that I’m not that experienced with but was quite intrigued by. I was recently introduced to this setup by Ben Adrien as he was using it to bat cleanup on a ledge. It’s again an effort to find the perfect middle ground between power and finesse while presenting a fish with something they’re not used to seeing.

A Fluke isn’t often found 15 feet deep, but the baitfish it’s made to imitate are certainly prevalent there. So Neko rigging a Fluke makes sense right away. By taking a nail weight and sliding it into the nose of the Fluke you ensure the bait will stay nose down and kick up a little mud on the bottom. Take a wacky tool and put an o-ring about a third of the way up from the nose of the bait and then skin hook the bait while running a whacky hook through the o-ring and there you have it. A Neko rig with a shad profile and something the fish aren’t used to seeing.

With a nice slow drag, the hook being positioned on the back of the bait will pull it forward while the weight in the Fluke’s nose keeps it down. Popping the bait will also create an enticing action as it imitates a dying baitfish struggling along the bottom. 

Though we only outlined a handful of techniques here that a Fluke is perfect for, you can already see that it is extremely effective at catching bass from the surface to the bottom, in current and calm water and around schools of fish or suspended loaners. There likely isn’t a more diverse and effective bait and that’s why the Fluke has endeared itself to anglers for decades and instilled itself as a bass fishing staple forevermore.