Ned rig

ElaZtech ned rig
The Ned rig is perhaps the absolute best use of an ElaZtech bait. For those unfamiliar, the Ned rig consists of a small soft plastic lure rigged on a flat-topped jig head. These jig heads, or Ned heads, are designed this way so they’ll standup on the bottom. Adding a soft plastic bait to the back that has a natural buoyancy will ensure a Ned rig is almost always standing vertically on the bottom.
Ned rigs are also great baits for getting lots of bites, so having a super durable bait means you’ll be able to catch more fish per lure and spend less time re-rigging. Z-Man has specific Ned heads that they have designed to be used with their ElaZtech baits like the Finesse TRD, TRD CrawZ and TRD BugZ. But these baits can all be rigged on other Ned heads as well.