My favorite new rig with this bass fishing soft plastic


The Missile Baits The 48 opened my eyes to the reverse rig. Basically it’s a neko rig with a Texas-rigged worm hook instead of wacky rigged hook. The Reverse rig fishes really well. The weight of The 48 makes it very castable on a baitcaster and it throws like a dart, skips really well since the weight is in the tail going away from you and the Texas rigged hook makes the throw point a little more streamlined than with a wacky rig. So I I’ve been fishing it around cover quite a bit because of how it fishes. I’ve found it to be very effective when pulled over brush. As you release the tension on the line when clearing a branch The 48 actually falls back into the cover. So you can in essence keep it in the cover longer and something about how it falls around the piles really gets bites.