My Custom Shading Settings for Shallower Lakes


For shallower bodies of water like on the TVA, where I will almost never look at water deeper than 25 feet, I use a shading setup that goes from red to light blue. I set up 7 different shading options of 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40. 

The red quickly alerts me to water less than 5 feet deep which can be an issue on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, especially at winter pool.

I set the deep water to the darkest blue largely because I use a heading arrow on my navigation chart on my Lowrance HDS Live units. That heading line is not customizable by color (something I hope will be an option in the future). So if you use the middle blue colors, you can’t see your heading line on the map. 

As you can see in the previous slide, I can see shallow backs of bays, long tapering points and creek channels quickly and easily with this custom setup.