Multiple colors and texture options


SeaDek comes in multiple textures and depending on your individual preference can be brushed or embossed to fit your needs and likes. Color options are limitless with over 30 colors available.

Measurements can be taken by boat so lids and flooring can be cut at the factory to fit seamlessly into any boat. The customization options can make your boat unique and like me, you can include logos to make it look sharper or support someone who supports you.

I will not own or restore another boat without SeaDek. Sure, I like how it looks but perhaps more importantly, I’m very impressed by its functionality. It lasts and looks like new longer than any carpet has the chance to.

My full boat restoration gallery will be up soon once I wrap up a few small things on it. You’ll get to see even more uses for SeaDek when you check it out. 

If you’d like to learn more about SeaDek, you can check ’em out here