Upon first glance, I pegged this bait for a simple walking-style topwater. But it wasn’t until I saw it spitting water as I was fishing it that I realized it’s actually a bit of a hybrid with a pencil popper-style bait. Obviously pencil is in the name. But I didn’t even look at the name when I tied it on; I just thought it would be a cool bait to try. But there’s definitely a cup to the mouth and I believe that contributes to the overall “poing” sound the bait makes.

I’d say as sound goes, it’s 85 percent the big rattle in the tail and 15 percent the mouth. There’s definitely an audible chug that comes along as it walks. The bait also spits water 6 or 7 inches which makes for a nice addition to the presentation. Most pencil-style walking baits are a little longer and skinnier towards the mouth, where this bait has more the size and shape of most of the popular walking style topwaters. So it’s kind of unique in that sense.