Mountain Dew


Certainly the strangest tool on the list but something many anglers swear by and my dad has even had success with recently. Mountain Dew can keep fish alive at times. If you hook a fish deep in the throat or in the gills and it starts to bleed, it can be a death sentence in the summer months. Pouring a little Mountain Dew on the injury seems to heal the fish and stops the bleeding in my personal experience. I assume there’s some sort of coagulating effect of the soda that causes the blood to clot. But however it works, it seems to work for me. But it’s important to note that some disagree

All these tools, tips and tricks have been vital for myself and other anglers for years that like to make every effort to keep fish alive and protect the resource. Which I full believe is what we are called to do first and foremost as anglers. We love the sport and if we want it to be able to sustain the growing interest we’re seeing in it, we have to do all we can to keep the fish we catch alive. Hopefully some of these are new tools you can use to help us be the best conservation community we can be.