Modular by Lure Size and Volume

buzbe colony 28D modular

The nice thing with the customizable bins on the Colony 28D is you can get larger bins for your bigger lures and smaller bins for your tiny baits and terminal tackle. It’s also handy for when, like with my lipless crankbait collection, I have 30 of a shade of crawfish but maybe only a half dozen gold baits. So it can be modular to the size of the lures or terminal tackle or it can be modular to the quantity of a particular lure or color. That gives you a lot of options as an angler depending on your individual collection of baits.

It’s also nice when you throw together day boxes for trips. I do that constantly. And the box I take on a trip in February will be very different than the box I take on a trip in August.  That’s where having modular options is awesome. So I will keep a couple 28D boxes empty with extra bins to fill for trips and then restore everything in bulk bins when I get back.