Modified drop shot weight


Most anglers these days have drop shot weights in their tackle boxes; they’re nearly as common as bullet weights it seems. So if you want to give this rig a try and you don’t have a bell weight in your box, you can take split ring pliers and open up the metal eye that most drop shot weights have. These are usually used to pinch the line when rigging a drop shot, but if you carefully take your split ring pliers and open it up, you can create a loop that will allow your line to flow freely through it.

You want to be very careful though when doing this not to create sharp edges or burrs on the metal. It’s easy to create a sharp place that might then fray or even break your line while fighting a fish. Using drop shot weights versus bell weights also gives the angler various weight shapes which helps prevent snags in different types of cover. For instance, cylindrical weights work better in grass and rocks. But the bell weight or tear drop shape works better on bare or mucky bottom.