Modifications endless


I experiment a lot with swimbaits on the Flash Mob Jr. I will use tiny 3-inch swimbaits and sometimes full sized 5-inch hollow bodied swimbaits. I often put a little bit bigger bait in the middle or sometimes just a slightly different color. You can put 5 small swimbaits on there, and it looks like a school of 10 minnows. You have the 5 swimbaits, 4 blades and the head to give it a pod of baitfish broken off from the big school. 

I also will use a little bit bigger tails and lighter 1/8-ounce heads and fish it shallow. Or I might stick with light heads and use smaller swimbaits and fish it just like a spinnerbait around grass or in the fall when I want to fish faster around cover or schooling fish.  The Flash Mob Jr. is a great rig for experimenting and fishing it a lot more like conventional lures.