Moderate action


Each rod in the Abu Garcia Winch lineup has a moderate action and a custom composite construction. That might just sound like a bunch of technical talk but essentially, the moderate action allows a slight delay when a bass bites your lure. It’s hardly noticeable from a “feel” standpoint but you’ll quickly notice a fairly drastic increase in your hookup percentage.

A lot of rods allow you to feel the bite almost too quickly which often results in either you pulling the bait away from the fish too quickly or inadvertantly tearing the treble hooks out of the fish’s mouth. Especially with all of the low-stretch line options out there these days, it’s important to choose a rod that will give you a little bit of play with treble-hooked lures so that fish can fully eat the bait before you react.

I’ve had an excellent hookup percentage with these rods. They absorb the initial bite very nicely which allows the trebles to fully penetrate the fish and keep ’em pinned without any issues. I’ve also found this rod to handle those sketchy boat-side surges with ease as well. I’ve lost some good fish over the years when a bass dives underneath my boat before my drag kicks in, so these rods have given me peace of mind.