Misconception No. 3: You need to have a bunch of different colors


The large majority of anglers, myself very much included, have a tendency to overcomplicate techniques and presentations just for the sake of overcomplicating them. We’ll often take a very simple concept and attempt to turn it into some variation of rocket science. When it comes to fishing frogs, however, it’s imperative to keep your color selection as simple as you possibly can.

“It’s easy to not get bit for an hour or two and blame it on the color,” Walters said. “But the more you change colors and overthink things, the easier it is to get completely spun out. I literally throw three colors in the Terminator Frogs, no matter what. I’ll throw solid black in cloudy skies or dirty water, solid white in bright skies or around a shad spawn and my go-to throughout most of the year is a bluegill or green pumpkin color. That’s going to be your fail-safe color, in my opinion.”

Bass fishing can quickly turn into an expensive hobby if you’re not mindful of your bank account, so as you’re getting prepped for the upcoming frogging season, don’t go overboard when you’re making a purchase. If black, white and some sort of green pumpkin or bluegill pattern won’t get bites, you might not be in the right area. Just remember to keep it simple.