Mid-range crankbait


A mid-range crankbait like the Strike King 3XD is great for a beginner. A crankbait this size again falls into the smaller bait category, so it’s easy to use on the lighter gear and this bait in particular will get a lot of bites.

What I’ve noticed when taking people fishing for the first time, is that as long as they’re doing something, it doesn’t really matter how often they get bit. Giving a beginner a bait that has to continuously be on the move like a buzzbait, spinnerbait or small crankbait helps keep their attention. And a little crankbait like this opens up a whole new depth range as well as different cover opportunities versus the other three baits we’ve mentioned so far. The 1/4-ounce spinnerbait being its closest comparison, the 3XD offers a bait that can be fished a little deeper around submerged grass, rock, wood and even in open water.