Medium gear ratio reel | 6.1:1 thru 6.4:1


These bass fishing reels are great for multiple techniques and presentations, making them very popular among bass anglers. Whether you’re plowing through nasty cover with a squarebill during the prespawn or bombing spinnerbaits on shallow flats in the fall, a medium gear ratio reel will do the job.

I prefer a 6.4:1 reel whenever I’m using anything that triggers a reaction strike. The extra speed lets me fish the bait quickly, forcing the most aggressive fish to react. Conversely, I’ll opt for a 6.1:1 reel when fishing crankbaits that run in 8- to 14-foot range. The small decrease in speed helps keep them in the strike zone longer, while still maintaining enough speed to solicit a reaction strike and giving me added torque

  • Squarebill crankbaits
  • Medium depth crankbaits
  • Shallow spinnerbaits
  • Shallow castable umbrella rigs

Reel pictured: Abu Garcia REVO X Gen 4 Casting Reel