So I sat down with a legal pad and outlined pros/cons for both fiberglass and aluminum bass boats. Then I compared the two and measured those against how I like and intend to fish. I listed a ton of things as pros for fiberglass like stability, speed, storage, aesthetics, sturdiness of the platform for add-ons like Power Poles, awesome layouts, lots of room, handles big water well, lots of color options, and great resale value among others.

I listed a ton of pros for aluminum boats as well like lighter, fishes in shallow water better, gets on pad easier in shallow water, SeaDek options, easy to maneuver, easy to tow, can be beached, repairs easily, more dealers, etc.

Then I compared all of these pros and cons against what my issues have been in the past and how I intend to fish in the future. Generally I fish out of a boat 4-5 years. I generally will update just because I do this for a living and like to stay somewhat current for filming. But I also like to get a boat setup exactly how I want it and then fish out of it a good while without getting to far out of my motor warranty. And re-powering is a nightmare right now.

So knowing all that, I crossed off the pros and cons that didn’t matter as much to the way I fished and came up with a list of the most important things to how I fish and made a choice there.