G. Loomis Spiral X Technology

Rods at this price point will garner aficionados equally as much as naysayers. But most rod makers will create a flagship rod that includes their wishlist of materials to make the finest creation possible with the materials available today. And in the last 10 years rods have seen space-age advances in materials and manufacturing technologies.

The NRX+ American-made blank is rolled. in Woodland, Wash., and fortified with proprietary Spiral X technology. This innovative blank-building technique utilizes a triple-layer construction — a middle layer of vertical fibers matched with inner and outer layers of carbon tape that tightly wind the blank diagonally in opposite directions — to increase torsional rigidity without added weight or bulk. Spiral X technology provides virtually instantaneous power transmission when casting or fighting a fish, so you’ll immediately experience increased casting distance, heightened sensitivity, and a dramatic reduction in rod weight when you pick up an NRX+ rod.

That translates to a lighter rod that is more sensitive while also being stronger. Usually when you make a rod ultra-sensitive, you have to sacrifice strength. You generally make the blanks real crisp but more brittle as well. So this breakthrough has allowed them to make the most sensitive rods with enough back bone to horse on good bass.