Material and price


The best I can tell, Zoom uses their “normal” material to make this bait. Zoom now makes some baits with super-soft materials like their Z3 series of baits. But most Zoom soft plastics are made out of a fairly tough material that is still soft enough to put out a good bit of action. The toughness of this bait helps it lock in and stay on the bait keeper of whatever bait you’re using it with. And it keeps the two tails from being snatched off or torn each time a fish short strikes the bait or a piece of cover snags it.

Keeping it simple in terms of the materials and the process used to make this bait, Zoom also keeps the price down. A 20-pack of these trailers is only $4.29. Since this is a bait that you can use quite often but not necessarily a bait you’ll use every trip, a pack of the Zoom Split Tail Trailers will last you awhile. In addition, if you already have a trailer on a bait at the end of a trip, that same trailer will likely still be fine by the next time you get to hit the water.