MarCum MX-7GPS


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The all-new MarCum MX-7GPS pairs GPS and mapping with the most

advanced, proven ice sonar of all time. Gone are the days of using open-water sonar simply to get GPS capability, and welcome and era of ice-specific sonar/GPS innovated for the rigors and mechanics of our sport.

Where real-time was lost in a sonar/GPS combo unit, the MarCum MX-7GPS now fills that void. That said, ice fishing is a communal sport, often done in close quarters with or nearby a host of other anglers. Forget a boat-length or three away, ice anglers are often three to a shelter or more, each with their own interference-inducing ice sonar. That means the next ice-specific component you need is interference rejection. Cross-talk of signals that’s much more common in the ice environment, and MarCum’s
interference rejection system featured in the MX-7GPS is so advanced that it’s patented.