Manufacture action

anglers casting for bass

Perhaps the best way to milk the shad spawn is to try and reactivate shad. VanDam is a huge believer in the effectiveness of the HydroWave H2, specifically the spawning bait pattern for reigniting a school of bass targeting spawning shad.

Boat positioning and multiple anglers or baits are other ways VanDam has learned to manufacture action related to a shad spawn. I witnessed this firsthand a couple weeks ago on Table Rock Lake for a sweepstakes fishing trip KVD was part of. The bass and bait were congregated on points and the anglers lit them up the first hour of the morning.

After the sun got high, this bite seemed to completely vanish. But knowing those fish still had to be in these areas, VanDam would attempt to corral shad up against the point or bluff wall using his boat with the HydroWave turned on. When he could tell the baitfish were positioned favorably, he would have everyone in the boat cast to them in unison.

Amazingly, they were able to trigger schools of bass into aggressively blowing up on shad and their topwater baits in sunny, slick conditions. VanDam used all that commotion to set the scene and trick the bass into thinking it was time to feed again.