Making the important quota


At some point during the year the term “quota” was created. Catch the first fish of the week and you “met the quota.”

A few more crappie trips got us through the next couple weeks. At the end of January, I took the trip of a lifetime to El Salto with a crew from Mustad. The quota-maker that week was my personal-best largemouth, and it was a lot of fun to post that week.

February warmed up a tad, so bass were biting in Tennessee by then. March was full of crappie, bass, and even a few trout. Some spring and fall break trips to the beach allowed for snapper, redfish and speckled trout to punch unique quota tickets.

We had a couple other close-calls during the year. Typically, a group message would go out about who was planning to fish that week and where. All of us have kids, so plans can change from time to time and a planned trip might get derailed unexpectedly. That very scenario unfolded one weekend.

For some reason, on Sunday afternoon about dark, while it was raining and 40 degrees, we realized no fish had been posted. A mad dash by a couple of us to a local stream and a pond resulted in some last-minute bluegill captures. Crisis averted.

We didn’t get too much into tracking how many different species we caught or tallying catch numbers or even who caught them. We may add some of that this year.

We did, however, catch fish from New York to Texas, and Mexico to Montana.