Made from high-grade balsa wood


The Rapala DT 6 is made from the top 7 percent of select balsa wood, which is known for its outstanding buoyancy. This, of course, translates to a more buoyant crankbait.

As a result, the DT 6 avoids snags and hang-ups very well. Whenever you feel the lure bump against a limb or a larger piece of chunk rock, you can quickly pause your retrieve and allow the bait to float above and away from the obstruction. I love to “worm” this crankbait, especially in the colder months. I’ll make a long cast and reel it until it hits the bottom. Next, I’ll slowly sweep my rod to the side and use the rod to move the crankbait; the reel is only used for eating up my slack line. The buoyancy of this plug allows me to do this with almost no hang-ups, and it’s an excellent tactic when you’re faced with lethargic, cold-water bass.

In terms of durability, it’s important to understand one thing: This is not a plastic crankbait. It requires a little more TLC than most crankbaits, but it’s not fragile by any means. You can still bump it off of cover, but make sure to avoid slapping it on the water to remove vegetation or leaves from the trebles. I’d be willing to bet that’s how most people break these crankbaits, but it’s totally avoidable.